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Allan H. (Bud) Selig, Former Major League Baseball Commissioner

Steve Palermo distinguished himself as one of baseball’s finest umpires as a member of the American League staff from 1977-1991. After an act of incredible courage and selflessness abbreviated his on-field career, Steve quickly found a new outlet in which he could make invaluable contributions to our national pastime. As an umpire supervisor for Major League Baseball, Steve has consistently demonstrated sound judgment from a life devoted to baseball. Few figures in our game are as universally respected as Steve among players, managers, coaches, executives, members of the media and baseball fans. Steve Palermo has been a great resource to me and he continues to be an excellent representative of Major League Baseball.


Bob Costas, NBC Sports & Major League Baseball Network

Steve Palermo was once regarded as one of the best umpires in baseball. Then, with most of his career still ahead of him, his life dramatically changed. As is well documented, he selflessly came to the aid of women being robbed. Steve was shot and sustained a serious spinal cord injury. While no longer able to umpire, Steve has bounced back to return to baseball and devote much time helping others with spinal cord injuries. His life story is filled with big games, big names, and triumphs over big obstacles. He tells that story with humor, passion, and insight. His compelling message and engaging personality make him a much sought after speaker.


Chris Calos, Former Vice President of Distribution - Guardian Life Insurance Company

For over 25 years, I have attended and arranged guest speakers to address employees and customers. I have never seen anyone that is more impactful in reaching out and connecting with a broad audience than Steve Palermo. While many know of Steve's successes and struggles, what they quickly learn through his compelling story is his sincerity, genuineness and passion for life. Steve's life experiences resonate with any audience and it is difficult for Steve to finish as he leaves everyone wanting to spend just a 'few more minutes' with him, something he graciously provides.
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